Classmate Bios

Sue Kosik Aldridge
Current Home Town: San Anselmo, CA
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Divorced   Children: 3
Something about Me:

Greg Anderson
Current Home Town: Pocatello, ID
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
I married Cheryl Dahmit, RBHS '65 after graduating from Northern Ill U. and we moved to Idaho an few months later, where we continue to live. Worked at Idaho State Univ. for 29 years before becoming Mayor of Pocatello. After choosing not to run for re-election was a Commercial Loan Officer at a community bank until retirement. We're making plans and looking forward to attending the reunion.

Ed (Duke) Bagger
Current Home Town: Charleston, IL
Occupation: Retired/teacher/executive producer, CAT   Marital Status: Married   Children:
Something about Me:
Retired from full-time as graphic designer/camera and lab photographer for Lake Land College in Mattoon, IL. Still teach the photography class. Professional fine art photographer/artist. With wife, executive producer, founder, president (she's house manager/historian, vice president), technical director for Charleston Alley Theatre ( Lead guitarist/front man for the theatre's house band. Viet Nam veteran. Married to wife Linda since 1978. Three step-children, two step-grandchildren, two step-great grandchildren.

Barbara Ryski Barkley
Current Home Town: Oak Brook, IL
Occupation: Administrative Assistant   Marital Status: Widowed   Children: 0
Something about Me:

MaryBeth Bergman Bartik
Current Home Town: Brecksville, Oh
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
Wish I could be there to join in celebrating RB's class of 1964 50th reunion, but we will be on vacation . I am enjoying a great life with my husband Dan H(RB' 61) and our kids and their families. We have seven beautiful granddaughters ranging in age from 19 to 5 years. I enjoy reading, quilting, traveling , serving our church in various areas, and getting together with family and friends. Looking forward to hearing from any classmates!

Bob Bayha
Current Home Town: Brown Deer, WI
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
I worked for the Milwaukee Public Schools for 34 years (classroom teacher for 16 years and 18 years as a technology coordinator). I received a masters degree in computer science from Cardinal Stritch University in the 80's and had a ball playing with the early stages of technology and seeing it really takeoff. I have been married to my wife Judie for 39 years and we have 2 kids. We are both happily retired from our teaching careers and have been loving retirement. We have 2 grand babies and another on the way. Would love to make it to the reunion (had a great time at the last one), but unfortunately our daughter Katy's due date is the day of the reunion. Hope you all have fun!

Current Home Town: SANTA MONICA, CA
Occupation: SEMI-RETIRED AND ARTIST   Marital Status: Committed Relationship   Children: 0
Something about Me:

Guy Bilek
Current Home Town: Amelia Island, FL
Occupation: Periodontist   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
Retired private practice in Periodontics 2012
Adjunct Clinical Professor Univ of Iowa College of Dentistry
Colonel USAFR Retired
Adjunct Instructor Dental Programs FSU Jacksonville
Deputy Examiner Central Regional Dental Testing Service

Sue Jecmen Boldt
Current Home Town: Rhinelander, WI
Occupation: Retired from Deerfield IL school system   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Love retirement! We moved here about a year ago and live on Pine Lake, which is a dream come true. We fish, explore, raise a garden, fight off deer and mosquitos in summer, boat, and travel in Harvey the RV. Our girls are Amanda (a sommelier in New Orleans) and Sarabess (a nurse in Grayslake). John still races sports cars. We cheer for both the Bears and Packers (yes, that can be done) and the Saints, and are rabid fans of Duke basketball. Helps pass the winter. Look forward to the reunion.

Lucille Dougherty Boucek
Current Home Town: Glen Ellyn, IL
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:
I have been married to Frank for 41 years. We have lived in Glen Ellyn for 38 years. We have 4 children Frank Jr, Aimee, Matthew, and Timothy, and 9 grandchildren ages 9-1 year. We spend our summers at our lake home in Wisconsin on Lake Koshkonong. It does get a little crazy when they all decide to come on the same weekend!

Barbara Linhart Budris
Current Home Town: Bethlehem, GA
Occupation: Retired library worker   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
We have been in Georgia for 30 years.

Emmy Giannini Burel
Current Home Town: Joliet, IL
Occupation:   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
This is great, and I am sorry I will not be able to attend. We will be on our annual fishing trip!(which, by the way, I am good at!)
It is very sad to see the names of those who have passed.
And, as far as, Myself, I did not move mountains in my 50 years, since RB, but my life has been blessed, and I would not change my years at RB. We all have been blessed to have been a part of those years, when life was simple, but, values, respect, love of our country, and each other meant something! So, to the class of 64, I thank you!
And, please tell me how I can find out about some
names I still don't see?

Mary Tockstein Callahan
Current Home Town: Winthrop Harbor, IL
Occupation:   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
Those of us on the reunion committee are working to make this a fun event for everyone. Hope to see you there!

Joanne Kofron Carlson
Current Home Town: Park Ridge, IL
Occupation: Human Resources CVS-retired 2012   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:
About to celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary! We have 11 grandchildren and are currently adjusting to both of us being retired. I started out as a primary teacher and stayed home many years raising our family. Worked in Human Resources in telecom and then in Healthcare for almost 25 years before retiring. Now that we have time, it's been nice traveling to new places and getting away from Chicago winters. Look forward to seeing classmates at the reunion.

Janis Vesecky Chapman
Current Home Town: Lake in the Hills, IL
Occupation: "Grandma"   Marital Status: Married   Children: 5
Something about Me:
45 Married Years = four daughters + one son = 11 grandchildren (ages 8 months to 15 years). We love to travel especially to visit our daughters and grandkids in CA, TX and MN! Love cruising and boating on the Chain of Lakes! Looking forward to seeing everyone in September!

Jerry Cizek
Current Home Town: Glen Ellyn, IL
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:

Frances Kaminski Clark
Current Home Town: Downers Grove, IL
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 0
Something about Me:
My husband and I will be on vacation and we cannot attend the reunion.

John Cline
Current Home Town: Chetek, WI
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:

Cathy Colgrass Colgrass-Edwards
Current Home Town: Brookfield, IL
Occupation:   Marital Status: Single Again   Children: 1
Something about Me:
As a single parent, I raised my son in Brookfield and was the Brookfield Parks & Recreation Director. When I retired from that position back in '03, I ran for municipal election in Brookfield and served two terms as Village Trustee. Having term limits in our village, I chose to run for election as Village Clerk for my 3rd term and am enjoying my time with that today. Today I'm back living in the home I was born & raised in and have been enjoying the opportunity to reacquaint myself with many old friends from school through the years. Looking forward to seeing even more at the reunion.

Candace Pray Cupples
Current Home Town: Charlotte, NC
Occupation: Semi-Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
I am married to Clay and we have two grown sons and two granddaughters. I am semi-retired from a local non-profit where I have worked for 26 years. We are active in our church and our community. My husband is retiring in October and our immediate plans are to visit family we haven't seen in a long time.

Linda Nekolny Daniel
Current Home Town: Waterman, IL
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
NIU graduate - elementary education
married 45 years
5 grandchildren

Renee Aird Dengler
Current Home Town: Riverside, IL
Occupation: Director, Medical & Professional Affairs   Marital Status: Married   Children: 0
Something about Me:
Married to Bob Dengler for the past 29 years and we love to vacation in Maui a couple of times a year.

After several interesting careers and paying hobbies (Beautician, Ballroom Dance Instructor, Professional Polynesian Dancer, Registered Nurse), I've been the Director of Medical & Professional Affairs for Advocate Health Care for the past 19 years.

In addition to my full-time job, I'm a part-time consultant, instructor, speaker and accreditation surveyor which allows us the opportunity to travel the USA (and collect those frequent flyer miles). 🙂

Looking forward to seeing everyone and I am endlessly grateful to Mary Callahan (Tockstein) who found me hiding in plain site or I would have missed this whole experience!

Carol DeVita
Current Home Town: Raleigh, NC
Occupation:   Marital Status: Married   Children: 0
Something about Me:
Wow! Can it be 50 years? Lots to catch up on. In the past year, I got married, moved to Raleigh, NC, and continue to work (part-time) in DC. Life's been good. Looking forward to seeing you all. Carol

Pat Moylan Doell
Current Home Town: TINLEY PARK, IL
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Divorced   Children: 4
Something about Me:

Judy Setnicka Donnelly
Current Home Town: Melbourne Beach, FL
Occupation: retired teacher   Marital Status: Married   Children:
Something about Me:
Loving retirement and Medicare !!!! We recently moved to a very isolated part of Melbourne Beach , Fl........LOVE IT....I'm in the process of recovering/rehabing(?) my 4th knee surgery and most recently major back surgery.....woe is me.....hope to be back doing the things I love before too the mean time we're both enjoying being closer to my husband's daughter and 15 year old grand-daughter.....Yikes , she reminds me of us at 15...only with a smart phone glued to her ear.....
Anyway, sorry I won't be there, have a blast. judy

Robert (Bob) Duran
Current Home Town: Post Falls, ID
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 1
Something about Me:
I have lived in Idaho for 35 years & enjoy most of what it offers like hunting, fishing, camping, mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, photography & gardening. I do not care for motorized toys. Those are for fat & lazy people!
Hopefully before I expire I will get back to alpine skiing?
I still love the 4 Seasons!
I was drafted in the Army along with fellow classmate Jim (Soupy) Cambell, we both survived. My good education helped me stay out of Viet Nam, but I still hold a grudge against the us government!

Will Ewert
Current Home Town: Woodridge, IL
Occupation: barber   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Still working in Hinsdale for 45 years.Grandfather of three.

Darlene Morten Fleming
Current Home Town: Richmond, IN
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

Katie Grady Gabel
Current Home Town: Houston , TX
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
So sorry Bob and I will not be able to attend as we are currently moving from Houston to Sun City in Georgetown, TX to enjoy the good life and to be near our 2 sons and 2 grandsons. After being in one home for over 38 yrs, this is no easy task. I know we will miss a great time. Hugs to all!

Bill Goddard
Current Home Town: Mason, IL
Occupation: Retired and farming   Marital Status: Divorced   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Retired at 55 from Rexam Packaging after 28 years as Plant Controller and Quality Manager to start farming.
BS from Albright College, married for 2 days short of 40 years in 2007, and have two great boys 39 and 34.
Having the time of my life, enjoying and thankful for every day.

Joyce Kueltzo Granback
Current Home Town: Dubuque, IA
Occupation:   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
Married for 45 years, three children; lived in Lawton, OK.; Schwaebisch Gmund, West Germany, Philadelphia, Dayton, Oh., Cedar Rapids, IA, Rochester, NY,, St. Louis, Mo., Indianapolis, Madison, WI and now Dubuque, IA. Retired Aerobics Instructor and now volunteers for seniors and is an active member in Lions Club International.

Darlene Kusnerz Groseclose
Current Home Town: Bel Air, Md
Occupation: Recruiter   Marital Status: Married   Children: 1
Something about Me:

Mel Gustafson
Current Home Town: Libertyville, IL
Occupation: retired construction manager   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Graduated from Northern Illinois Univ. (B.S. Marketing). Married Kris Selmarten who was at NIU during the same time period but we did not meet until several years after graduation. Still living in the area but may change my mind after this winter. Attended "the greatest high school football game I ever saw" R-B x Joilet Cath. in 2001.

Nancy Garnhart Havlik
Current Home Town: Holland, MI
Occupation:   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
Married to Ed Havlik, class of 62, 49 years.
3 Children, daughter and 2 sons. 6 grandchildren, 18-10. Three boys, and three girls. Love them!!! life has been very good.

Joyce Setton Hein
Current Home Town: Moline, IL
Occupation: Literacy work in the QC   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
I visit the family homestead frequently, but will be on vacation at the time of this reunion. Love to meet up with old friends some other time, so send me a note!

Don Horn
Current Home Town: Colorado Springs, CO
Occupation:   Marital Status:   Children:
Something about Me:

Joe Hrach
Current Home Town: Phoenix, AZ
Occupation: Retired Business Owner   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
1 year "Animal House" at U of I. Got drafted in 1965 into Marine Corps and decided 4 years in Navy was safer. Completed Accounting degree at UIC in '72 and joined Motorola in Phoenix. Retired from Motorola in 1998 to start software consulting company. Semi-retired in 2013 when my son took over the business.

Randy Hrkel
Current Home Town: Tinley Park, IL
Occupation: Retired teacher   Marital Status: Married   Children: 5
Something about Me:
I retired from education after 44 years experience!! I coached basketball and tennis for 35 years . Today I enjoy spending my time in Tinley Park and South Haven, Michigan !

Hope to catch up with you all next month at our 50th class reunion!!!!

James Husiak
Current Home Town: Whitehall, Mi
Occupation: Dentist   Marital Status: Committed Relationship   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Taught high school biology, presently doctor dental surgery, adjunct professor dentistry Boston University, retired Ltcdr USNR, forensic dental examiner, coach high school varsity and college goaltending, trying to figure out the next move.

Tom Jankovsky
Current Home Town: elgin, IL
Occupation: Retired in 2003   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
NIU - B.S. Mathematics, MBA.

Wife Norma, Son Tom, Daughter Mary, Grandsons Jacob, Carter, Andrew.

Retired 2003 - Director IT McDonald's Intergraded Logistics.

Homes - Riverside, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Elgin.

Web Page:

Johanna Kokenes Johnson
Current Home Town: Oswego, IL
Occupation: Retired Teacher   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
I retired from teaching 7 years ago. During my career, I taught self contained special Ed, third grade, second grade, teacher inservices and concluded as a reading specialist. I live in Oswego, IL with my husband Frank of 48 years who retired 3 years ago. My two sons and 4 of my grandchildren live 5 minutes away. My daughter and her two children live 20 minutes away. We see them often. No need for Face Book. I love retirement! I have lots of new and past friends to play golf , Mah Jong and cards with. I love reading and belong to a book club. We have no pets so we can travel far and near anytime.

Barbara Vacula Johnson
Current Home Town: Dolton, IL
Occupation: small business owner   Marital Status: Married   Children: 1
Something about Me:
Was going to be a teacher, now we paint trucks

Mary K Corsiglia Joyce
Current Home Town: Chatham , NJ
Occupation: Retired Hospital Library Manager   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
I have 5 grandkids and spend a lot of time travelling as none live in NJ. 3 grandkids live in Omaha, NE. On lives in a suburb of Boston, MA and one lives in Austin, TX. Of course all of them live with their respective parents. My son and his wife live in Austin, TX. My eldest daughter and her husband live In Arlington, Ma and my second daughter and her husband live in Omaha. I am looking forward to our own big trip in March to China. We make Silver elite with United on our own money. I also do volunteer work

Tim Kalina
Current Home Town: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Graphic Artist-now retired   Marital Status: Divorced   Children:
Something about Me:
Happily divorced for over 30 years!
Fortunate to have entered advertising when it was still sorta' like 'Mad Men'. Lots of fun back then but not now, which was one reason to retire.
Spent decades biking and ultra-distance running, mostly off-road.
Don't know if I'll attend as I don't remember many classmates other than Bob Duran and the Matzelle twins, who I hung around with during high school and after college.

Gerald Kanyuh
Current Home Town: Westmont, Il
Occupation: Retail Sales Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 0
Something about Me:
Retired after 46 years in Retail Mgmt. after serving in USMC. My wife and I have been happily married for 38 years , and living in Westmont since 1968. I enjoy gardening, tennis, sports and travel. I am an avid Blackhawks, Bears, Sox, and Bulls fan in that order.

Kevin Keogh
Current Home Town: Downers Grove, IL
Occupation: Retired Teacher   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:

Ed Kilroy
Occupation: RETIRED-PRIVATE CONSULTANT   Marital Status: Single   Children: 2
Something about Me:

Jan Klodner Klodner
Current Home Town: Garland, TX
Occupation: Technology Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:
Been in Texas for over 30 years, 9 grandkiddos, married to my first wife Marsha for over 47 years AND still in love! Enjoying life!

George Knorps
Current Home Town: Nantucket, MA
Occupation:   Marital Status: Married   Children: 7
Something about Me:
I'm still working every day. I work most of the time in Chicago, but live on Nantucket Island on the east coast. I have 7 kids all with the same wife. 6 of the 7 are college graduates. 2 with masters, 1 law degree. My youngest daughter is a sophomore at the University of Michigan. She is on the rowing team, and will get her varsity letter this year. Most important she is a big 10 academic honor student athlete. In my spare time I help people with disabilities.

Current Home Town: WOODLAND HILLS, CA
Occupation:   Marital Status: Widowed   Children: 3
Something about Me:
I am happy to say I reunited with some of my classmates this year and it was truly special.
I imagine coming to our 50th Reunion would be

Current Home Town: Homer Glen, IL
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
After Graduating from RB I continued my Education and became a Funeral Director and Embalmer. After a few years I decided that I would enjoy working in sales. I spent 42 years in pharmaceutical sales. My wife and I are now retired and enjoy time with our 3 children and 3 grandchildren. My daughter followed in my steps with my company, one of my sons is a sales manager and my youngest son is a Medical Student at Tulane in New Orleans. Sorry I will not be able to join you all at the reunion.

Wayne Kosek
Current Home Town: Fort Collins, CO
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
Love the Colorado lifestyle.

Steve Kovanic
Current Home Town: Darien, Il
Occupation: retired builder / developer   Marital Status: Married   Children: 1
Something about Me:

Judi Kroll Llapitan
Current Home Town: Huntley, IL
Occupation: Independent Consultant   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:
I married my husband Len in Dec of 1966. We met through "Operation Match" which I was tricked into participating in :). We have 4 children 3 girls and 1 boy (finally) whom have given us 10 grandchildren 5 girls and 5 boys whom range in age from 7 yrs - 18 yrs. My husband was enlisted in the USAF when we got married so my first move out of Illinois was down to San Antonio, TX, then to Biloxi, MS and then to Germany where we lived for nearly 3 years. We were shipped stateside to San Antonio, TX where we lived for nearly 6 years. We moved back to Illinois in late 1975 and I have been wondering why ever since :}. After the kids all left the nest, we moved into Del Webb in Huntley, IL where we continue to live. I belong to a Tap Dance group that meets 2x a week and a Jazz group that meets weekly. I also do yoga because my body needs it and it feels sooooo gooood after class. I love to cook and spend time with the grands (including the grand dogs). My life has been good and I am happy. Not skinny, but happy:}

Glenn Krueger
Current Home Town: Hinsdale, IL
Occupation: Construction/Project Engineering Manager   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
Due to the demands of my job and racing my horses (harness), I completely lost touch with all my RBHS Classmates. Hope to see all at the Reunion.

Richard Langer
Current Home Town: Minneapolis, MN
Occupation: Attorney   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

Richard Langer
Current Home Town: Minneapolis, MN
Occupation: Attorney   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
I've had a semi-interesting career as a corporate attorney and senior corporate legal officer for most of my professional life; now I am doing some consulting for a few local (Twin Cities) companies. Wife Christelle is a Minnesotan by birth. We lived in Denver and Allentown, PA for a bit. My only bad habit is the bagpipes (I play with a local band), and I am working on flamenco guitar. I'm active as an alum of Carleton College and member of my church, House of Hope Pres in St. Paul. We have two daughters and one grand daughter (all in California).

Cheers! I look forward to seeing you all!

Jayne Raudenbush Lare
Current Home Town: CapeMayCourtHouse, NJ
Occupation: Retired Elementary School Teacher   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

Carol Nemecek Leininger
Current Home Town: Peru, IL
Occupation: retired special education administrator   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:
Busy with grandchildren and caring for my husband and mother. I have enjoyed reading everyone's updates and I am saddened to learn of so many classmates' passing. Hope everyone has a fun and memorable evening. I will miss seeing everyone.

Denise Baldi Likens
Current Home Town: Indian Head Park, IL
Occupation:   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

William J Lock
Current Home Town: Albuquerque , NM
Occupation: Lawyer   Marital Status: Widowed   Children: 4
Something about Me:

Marcia Matousek
Current Home Town: Riverside, Il
Occupation: Retired teacher   Marital Status: Widowed   Children: 4
Something about Me:
I recently moved back to Riverside . I have been widowed 3 times and due to all my different names,I registered under my maiden name. (Matoisek) My last names have been Tabdili, Dufour, Dowell, and Bryja. I have lived in Teheran, Iran, Texas, Hinsdale, Palos Heights, and now I made a full circle and returned to Riverside. My last teaching stint was in Cicero for 28 years. I still hope to move to lake property out of state, but in the meantime, I am staying in the area to help with my 5 granddaughters, one of which hopes to go to Loyola and study medicine. I graduated from Loyola in 1968. My father also graduated from there and ran a dept and lectured at the dental school. The last few years I have enjoyed dog sledding up in Ely, Minnessota. I look forward to seeing you all next fall. I am at RB frequently because my oldest granddaughter attends school there.

Ray Matzelle Matzelle
Current Home Town: Sinking Spring, PA
Occupation: Retired College Administrator   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
I met Pam, my wife, while teaching in Carol Stream, IL. She has summoned great courage and perseverance to put up with me for 39 years; I expect her to be canonized as a saint after her passing! We have 3 great and successful sons, Brent, Todd, and Chad and all three sons graduated with a bachelor’s degree from one of the colleges where I worked! Taught elementary and junior high school in Illinois for 5 years, then moved to Pennsylvania and served in various administrative positions in higher education for the next 34 years. Attended NIU for a bachelor’s and Masters, then Widener University in Pennsylvania for an Ed D. Retired from higher education to enjoy life at age 60 after my twin brother Carl (who retired 3 years earlier) bragged about how “Life is Good” for a retiree! He was right!! Try to stay sharp by managing our investments and some people would say that I play golf though it’s more accurate to say that I hack up golf courses all across the eastern seaboard. Pam and I have a 22 month old grandson, Liam, and a 9 month old granddaughter, Tess, who give us great joy each and every day!

Carl Matzelle Matzelle
Current Home Town: Naperville, IL
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
My wife, Jean, and I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary last week. Have been retired for 10 years after 35 years at 3M Company. Spent most of those years in either Customer Service or IT. Now, I spend my spare time either babysitting our 3 grand children, golfing (or at least trying to golf), or refereeing soccer games. Coincidentally, I will be at RBHS for two soccer games on Tuesday, 9/16. Looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends at the reunion.

James McGann
Current Home Town: Tolleson, AZ
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
I hadn't planned on attending at first but, realizing it will probably be the last time the majority of us will be able to attend any future reunions I had a change of heart. Looking back on the past fifty years brings back the memories of the Vietnam war, getting married, going to night school to complete my BA and MBA, raising my three children and moving to Arizona. Being the grandparent of seven grandchildren who are so very important to me. I have enjoyed traveling to many parts of our small world and
I was also saddened and surprised by the classmates who have passed away.
It will be fun to return to Illinois and meet all of you. Until then. Jim McGann

Patricia Kemp McGranahan
Current Home Town: Salisbury , MA
Occupation: Retired educator   Marital Status: Widowed   Children: 3
Something about Me:

Patricia Kacer Meiers
Current Home Town: Maryville, TN
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
When my husband retired we moved to Maryville TN. It's a great area, close to the Smoky Mountains, and offers many outdoor activities. Our 2 children & grandchildren visit us often....nothing like a trip to Dollywood. While living in TN I became a flight attendant for USAirways for 4 years. We enjoyed the travel benefits and the opportunity to "see the world". I now spend my free time on the tennis courts.

Clark Meikle
Current Home Town: Spring, TX
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

Charles Mestek
Current Home Town: Whitewater, WI
Occupation: High School Teacher   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Just finishing up my 45th year in education.

Liz Fairbank Moburg
Current Home Town: Wilmington, NC
Occupation:   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

Debora Schlan Morris
Current Home Town: Wilmette, IL
Occupation: Fitness Busness Owner   Marital Status: Married   Children: 0
Something about Me:
If the committee needs additional help, I can probably assist in some way, as I live in the Chicago area. Let me know.

Marianne Vahrenwald Moye
Current Home Town: St. Charles, IL
Occupation: Retired high school teacher   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:
After college, I was married for 18 years to Terry Moye and had daughters Laura, now 34 a high school business teacher; Julia, 32, a civil engineer; and, Karla, 30, an accountant. Then I was happily divorced for 11 wonderful years and have been happily married to John Gusswein for 12 wonderful years.

I taught high school English for 34 years, the most recent 30 at Proviso West High School in Hillside, Illinois, and have been retired since 2004.

Laura and husband Bobby have Ava, 13 months old, our first grandchild.

Jean Clapp Nayden
Current Home Town: Baton Rouge, LA
Occupation: retired teacher   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:
I'm an avid LSU Baseball fan. My 4 daughters graduated from LSU and now 1 granddaughter!
I like to go to the beach and ususally spend the month of September in Pensacola Beach. I hunt and fish at our camp in Greensburg, LA.
I spend the majority of my time enjoying my 11 grandkids (6 girls and 5 boys).
Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of my husband of 50 years . Naturally, we will be celebrating this anniversary with a trip to the beach for all 21 of us.

michael pesola pesola
Current Home Town: brookfield, IL
Occupation: mortgage broker   Marital Status: Married   Children: 5
Something about Me:

Dale Phillip
Current Home Town: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Internet entrepreneur   Marital Status: Divorced   Children: 0
Something about Me:
Wishing everyone a joyous event. Enjoyed reading so many bio's from fellow classmates...great job with this website ...Briefly about me, after graduating from Northwestern University, I worked in Chicago for ten years at some of the major advertising agencies, then moved to Durham NC for six years, then back to Hinsdale, IL and owned two women's clothing stores; now living in San Diego after I vowed I would never own another snow shovel; live in North County San Diego with my partner Michael, and we have a successful internet business which frees up our time to enjoy the glorious weather and ocean here in So Cal. I am involved in two non-profits, one of my own (Books-4-Kids) and the other one is my best friend's in Washington D.C (I am CFO for that one-- what a laugh after suffering through Mr Arthur's algebra and Miss Edington's geometry--pure torture)..also a barbershop singer and former International Gold Medalist in women's barbershop competition (had to toot my own horn a little) Blessings to all...

Jane Witzman Pransky
Current Home Town: Plainfield, IL
Occupation: Retired from Argonne National Laboratort   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:
I have been married to Dennis Pransky for 47 years. We have 4children, 1daughter and 3 sons. We have 10 grandchildren so far. I retired from Argonne this year in February and enjoying my freedom!

Ron Prokes
Current Home Town: Avon, IN
Occupation: Dental Consultant   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:
Graduated from WIU in '68 and then University of Michigan Dental School in '72. Happily married to my wife, Debby, since 1971. We have 4 children (3 daughters with education degrees from IU and a son with a law degree from IU). 14th grandchild due 3/15. Blessed to have one parent still alive, which is cause to return "home" every month, along with business.
Still work on about 3/4 basis - too much fun & very rewarding emotionally to ever stop. 75% of my work can be done from homes in IN and SC. Can see more details, recent (relative) picture and contact data on my web site -
Sorry that we will be unable to attend the reunion, but we will be in Hilton Head for about 10 - 14 days over that period of time. It has been very interesting to get updates on so many of our class and to see most of us appear to be doing quite well, though obviously saddened by our departed friends. Hope to reconnect with some of you in the future - have reunited with 5-6 over past year os so.
Best wishes to all - fond memories!!

Arlene Stormer Regan
Current Home Town: Colorado Springs, Co
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Single   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Just transferred myself to Colorado to be closer to my family. Taught Art for 34 years @ Lincolnshire Prairie View School District 103. Retired in 2007
Love retirement!

Ralph Same Rizzo
Current Home Town: Richardson, TX
Occupation: Retirement   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Aug,13. 1965 / Aug,2.1967. Military. Gone to Viet nam. Came home in good shape. Went back to work with New York Central Railroad for 23 yrs. in 1986 we Move to Richardson, Texas. All 4of us to start all over. Work out Readly good. After 3 yrs going from one job to the other I found U.P.S.. Great place and job. With in the time of 1975 till 1980 I got marry the first time . No kids. Then got marry the second time. She got sick and die. Marry for 17 yrs. adopted 2 boys. Great. Work for U. P. S. (United Parcel Service) for 20yrs. Retirement. NICE! Marry again, number 3. May, 14. 2005. I have no illness, at my age of 69. Not too bad for us baby boomers.

Dick Rous
Current Home Town: La Quinta, CA
Occupation: Account Manager   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:

Rosemary Teasey Samuel
Current Home Town: New Malden, SC
Occupation:   Marital Status:   Children:
Something about Me:
Please kindly confirm my first submission (just now) was safely received and please DELETE all reference to a US State as clearly incorrect. For UK purposes, this should read "Surrey". I could not send this back to you without giving a State and therefore SC appears above!

Many thanks.

Diane Wegryn Sanaghan
Current Home Town: WEST HILLS, CA
Occupation: Project Manager IBM/ATT   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Bet we all have stories to share!
Life took an unexpected turn for me in 2001, divorced after 35 years. Then met and fell madly in Love at ‘58’. In 2005 we moved from the San Francisco Bay Area (been there since 1962) to Los Angeles to be closer to both my daughters whose jobs took them to LA after College. Now we have three Grandchildren, 2 boys and a girl, my Oreo Cookie as I call them. Life repeats itself, baseball games and dancing recitals. Our second chance to play, watch, enjoy, spoil and send them home.
Jeff and I just finished building our vacation home in Western Arizona; 15 minutes from Laughlin NV (tiny version of Las Vegas) and the Colorado River. Best and worst part, 5 hours from our LA home. Try to take a Princess Cruise every April, been very lucky as we’ve had the opportunity to see so much of our World.
Gross School, Saint Barbara’s then moved to La Grange Park. I have always felt that my Brook Park years were the staging ground that laid down my foundation to who I still am today. Love to laugh, joke, play, party and was taught to work hard to enjoy all that. My Mom & Dad told me hard work never killed anyone, still not sure about that one.
My one and only fight (I was sent to the office quicker than lighting) was on the playground when some girl was picking on my BF Nanci Pavlet. Boys, Boys, seeing I’m Polish, dark hair and eyes, I hung around with Nanci & Jean Clapp, the pretty blond ones, that way I could pick up on the boys that they didn’t want..hehe. Then the 8th grade teacher?? Jim Basta, Jim Campbell and the water fountain incident is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen/heard!
As we moved onto RB, fun fun, turned 16 on 12/12/61 (yes, I did spend 2 years in 3rd grade, my parents told me my teacher missed me) I think I was the 1st to get a driver’s license, whole new World of freedom opened up. Nanci & I could drive to the Youth Center in Riverside rather then walk it. Only time any Police action, again all because of Nanci Pavlet. You think I’d of kept away from her. Then in the summer of 62 my Dad moves us across country to this very foreign land, the Bay Area of San Francisco. Haight-Ashbury, war rallies, woman liber’s, hippies, Berkeley and whatever goes. I was a fish out of water, but quickly caught up to speed.
Graduated from Clayton Valley HS in Concord, but RB has never left me.
Looking forward to seeing everyone, I’ll try you remember you without looking at your name tag and Senior Graduation picture!

Karl Sanda Sanda
Current Home Town: Salley, IL
Occupation:   Marital Status: Single Again   Children: 1
Something about Me:

Sally Scaman
Current Home Town: South Padre Island, TX
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 1
Something about Me:
After graduating from Mac Murray College in 1968, I spent 25 years in the US Army retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. I had an interesting military career which ended in the Illinois National Guard. I had the privilege of serving as the first woman this, that and the other throughout my career.

I married and divorced 3 men before I finally found my fourth, final and favorite husband, Bob Huff. My third husband gave me a natural son and 3 terrific step children. I am still close to my step children even though their Dad and I are long divorced.

I retired from a second career with Homeland security where I was a Human Resources Manager. My Husband and I retired to South Padre Island in Texas. We love to travel and completely enjoy living in a resort town/island in the Gulf of Mexico.

I love to read and knit and enjoy a busy social life on the island.

Bob and I are very fortunate that we both either chose well as kids (that would be me) or prepared well for the future (that would be Bob,) so we are able to enjoy our retirement. I feel as though I am back in college where I had a few responsibilities, but my biggest concerns were over who to hang with and where to do it.

Some of my passions on the island center around sandcastle building, Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle rescue (Seaturtle, Inc) and birding.

My strongest memory of being in High School is that of being shy. Fortunately, being an officer in the Indiana National Guard coaxed me out of that shyness.

John scheda
Current Home Town: Carol Stream, IL
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

Carrie Hajek Schimmel
Current Home Town: Orland Park, il
Occupation: Nurse Anesthetist   Marital Status: Widowed   Children: 1
Something about Me:
Grateful to be retiring at the end of the year after 30 years of Anesthesia ... and then will split my time between Boston ( where my daughter and her family
live ) and our beloved Colorado. ! I am Blessed. !

Patricia Kolar Schumacher
Current Home Town: Fort Walton Beach, Fl
Occupation: Retired Sales Rep for Cox Communications   Marital Status: Widowed   Children: 2
Something about Me:
I was married for 41 years to Stephen Schumacher. We moved to Fort Walton Beach Florida in 1981 and we had two sons, Mike and Joe, and 3 grandchildren, Samantha, Josh & EllaGrace. I am a retired Sales Rep from Cox Communications after working there for 22 years. I retired to take care of my husband who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease. He died two years later. We were able to travel during those two years so I have lots of fond memories before his disease took hold of him in the worst way. I now have been trying to rebuild my life and fortunately, all of my children and grandchildren are close by to help me do that.

Gene Secker
Current Home Town: Naples, FL
Occupation: retired law inforcement   Marital Status: Widowed   Children: 2
Something about Me:
After 20 years as a cop I had enough of the cold weather so I moved to Naples FL and took a job as security director for a condo development and worked 15 more years there. Been retired since 2010

Thomas Sipusic
Current Home Town: Arlington, VA
Occupation: retired systems programmer   Marital Status: Married   Children: 0
Something about Me:
Grad school in computer science interrupted by getting drafted.
Ron Albert was in my basic training company.
Posted to Vietnam, I reluctantly went. Almost the whole time I was on large bases far away from danger.
Returned to grad school but never finished doctoral thesis.
Worked with IBM mainframes as systems programmer until retirement.
In 1983, I met my future wife and moved to the DC area to be with her.
We enjoy various kinds of partner dancing, e.g., West Coast swing, Argentine tango, salsa.

Paul Skopal Skopal
Current Home Town: Helotes, TX
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 6
Something about Me:
Left RBHS for Prospect HS in Summer 63. Graduated Lawrence University in Appleton, WI in 1968. Completed AF Pilot training in 1969 with assignment flying the KC135. Finished 20 years with the AF flying the AWACS in Europe. Been flying all over the world supporting our troops. Retired a Lt Colonel, married a wonderful woman who retired a Colonel. Six girls and one boy. Hope to see all of you that I grew up with. I fondly remember the "youth center" the 409 Chevy, the football stadium and dances in the gym.

Gwenn Kreml Smith
Current Home Town: Key West, FL
Occupation:   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:

Pamela Rader Smith
Current Home Town: Chicago, IL
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 6
Something about Me:
After college, I migrated back to Chicago and have lived here ever since. In my '30s, I married a widower, with 6 kids...4 teenagers and two sons older than myself. Voila, instant family!... now expanded to include 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. It's been a wonderful adventure. My working career was spent in communications, including Harris Bank and Leo Burnett advertising. We've been enjoying retirement for quite a while and, like so many folks, wonder how we ever had time to work.

Tefft Smith
Current Home Town: Washington, DC
Occupation: Of Counsel Kirkland & Ellis   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Sadly, Nancy (Sandusky) and I will now not make the Reunion. As some know from FaceBook postings, we just had a lifelong dreamed of, safariing experience in Africa (all of this past August). Our priority is our now almost 10 year old granddaughter (whose soccer team I coach) and her soccer game the weekend of the Reunion. Nancy and I wish all a Great! reunion.
I am now Of Counsel after many years a senior partner at the law firm of Kirkland and Ellis, which I joined after graduation from the Univ. of Chicago Law School in 1971. I am still doing -- some -- work for several long time clients but mainly am enjoying "mandatory de-equitization" at 65, meaning no real pressure and now time for things like a month long African adventure. Nancy and I devote much time to our granddaughter Alexandria Grace and our daughter Lara, a single mother (recently wed) who live near us here in DC and regularly visiting with our son Tefft II and his wife who live in LA where he does computer animated visual effects for Disney and other movies. Nancy and I will celebrate 48 years of marriage this coming February, something for which I am most grateful. Nancy has been and is the glue for our Family. BEST to all! Enjoy a Great! Reunion!!! 50 years!!!! Hard to believe!!!

Sheryll Ward Soderdahl
Current Home Town: Laredo, TX
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Single Again   Children: 8
Something about Me:
After 32 years in Minnesota (following DC, Ill, Tenn, and Michigan) I made the decision to move to Ajijic Mexico, which is a haven of ExPats and mexicans living peacefully in the Mountains on Mexico's largest lake, Lake Chapala. My sister Joan moved here 3 years ago. I really love the ideal climate, laid back life, and loving sweet people that surround me. My two (small) dogs and I were fortunate to find a beautiful place surrounded by views of the mountains and lakes, with lots of sunshine and fresh air. I feel like I am on a perpetual vacation and take advantage of the many social events in the area. When I return from our reunion I will become active in a charity home for young boys who come from poverty and abuse.

Paul Stack
Current Home Town: Riverside, il
Occupation: lawyer   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
My wife and I moved into Riverside in 1974 and have been active in the community. I served on RB's Board of Ed for 8 years and later as Riverside's Village President. I am the senior partner in a small law firm in the Loop practicing trademark and copyright law. I have two daughters, one of whom is getting married this August.

Nanci Pavlet Stahl
Current Home Town: Shorewood, IL
Occupation: Publishing Manager   Marital Status: Divorced   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Hope to retire this year.

Ken Stakis
Current Home Town: Scottsdale, AZ
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1968 with a degree in Business. Been married to Kate Andel, RB 66, for 46 years and we have 2 children and two grandchildren. Worked in the credit card industry for over 30 years. we have lived in Scottsdale for 30+ years and love it.

Bob Straka
Current Home Town: Avon, IN
Occupation: President, A+ Images, Inc   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

Robert (Bob) Svestka
Current Home Town: Vancouver, WA
Occupation: Retired Business Owner   Marital Status: Married   Children: 1
Something about Me:

Bill Swano
Current Home Town: Spring Lake, MI
Occupation: Real Estate and Finance   Marital Status: Married   Children: 4
Something about Me:

Craig Timko
Current Home Town: Canton, MI
Occupation: Retired Ford Motor Co   Marital Status: Married   Children:
Something about Me:
Both my wife, Carol, and I are retired from Ford Motor.

In reading all the comments and info on this website, I share many thoughts and feelings that have been expressed. How time has flown. So many missed opportunities to keep in touch. The saddest noting our classmates who have already passed. And looking forward to try to get caught up on what everyone has been doing and where they are going. Sincere thanks to the Reunion Committee.

Neal Uhlich
Current Home Town: Carrollton, Ge
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Graduated from Northern Michigan University and reluctantly joined the Army. Retired at age 55 after working 30 years in the restaurant industry. I'm now involved in bicycling and participate in rides throughout the country.

Jim Vacherlon
Current Home Town: Redington Shores, FL
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 1
Something about Me:
Please deleted previous submission.

Graduated from U of Ill. Urbana in '68 with a BSEE. Worked for defense contractors as an EE my whole career. Retired at 59 and formed a consulting business, which I operated for five more years until fully retiring. In addition to my family of course, my proudest achievement was leading an engineering design team that developed the first generation of military GPS receivers. This was back in the mid-1980's and long before GPS became a household word. Thanks to a generous salary and 401k with a fantastic match, life is very comfortable now. For the last two years, we have snowbirded at our beach-front condo in the Tampa/St. Pete Florida area, and still spend summers up in Iowa, where I retired. I keep busy with golf and volunteer activities both North and South.

John Vanleeuwen
Current Home Town: Bradenton, FL
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Widowed   Children: 3
Something about Me:
Retired since 2008 after 14 years living in the Middle East, Time Warner, and IBM. Twin boys will turn 41 this month...ouch. My sweet Ruth passed away after 38 years of sharing adventures. Living on golf course in Florida and play almost every day. Who says retirement is boring????

Chuck Vanourek
Current Home Town: Bartlett, IL
Occupation: Retired (Pilot)   Marital Status: Divorced   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Retired and loving it!!! Work with Habitat for Humanity year around and build woodworking projects for whoever needs something. No more flying.

Bonnie Anderson Vaughan
Current Home Town: Westchester, IL
Occupation: jack of all trades/master of none   Marital Status: Divorced   Children: 3
Something about Me:
Okay, here I go at an attempt to "share about me". I've been divorced for 34 years and still friends with my former husband. Yes, it can be done!

My claim to fame from R-B is Miss Hewitt's typing class. I sat behind Renee Aird (at that time she had a teased pink beehive hair do) and we click clacked away at the keys. Glamour magazine was popular then and there was an ad from Smith-Corona typewriter that said: "improve your typing skills; get a penpal. Send you name and address and request for a boy or girl and in which country you would like" and I did exactly that. I got a hand written (not typed) letter from a Finnish girl who had lived in Sweden for just a few years and wanted to practice her English. She was 15 and I 16 at the time, so we began writing snail mail, never "improving our typing". We have been penpals ever since 1962! We now meet places throughout the world and do a "girl's birthday/Christmas/professional snooping" week and have great fun. Who even has penpals now!? So for 52 years we have kept in touch, thank you Miss Hewitt and your typing class! And you Renee for having amazed me with your creative hair styles!

I have 3 children:

John (47) who is getting married this August 30 in Vukovar, Croatia and yes I am attending the wedding where nobody but the bride and her sister speak English. THIS will be one hell of a wedding adventure!

Sheri (46) who has worked on Holland America Cruise Lines, Saga Cruise Lines (based in Dover, England) and now is the Business Development Mgr. for the Midwest for Sandals.........nice job but someone has to do it......checking out all the resorts, getting golf lessons from the pros, swimming, snorkeling......ugh...but she is single and this is perfect for her.

Michelle (39) lives in Las Vegas (Henderson actually) with her husband and 2 children.

Me: ageless, aren't we all! I sit day in and day out at a desk working with/for 6 men of which 4 are related to each other and if you think girls have drama........ha....couldn't hold a candle to this clan!

Retirement: no can do. Worked as a waitress (now servers...really??) at the Village Pub in No. Riverside for 14 years serving beer and lunches.
Vaughan's Garden Center (no relation), Cantigny greenhouses, Plant Tenders (outdoor planting) and then as a recruiter in Westchester (100% commission doesn't fly) and now here I am at this small company with no 401(k).

Oh well, such is life and I still think there is a Prince Charming out there somewhere for me! With that being said I will get my head out of the cloud and back to earth.

I am very excited about the reunion; should be a great time since we all grew up in a fantastic time with great morals, music, education and a true appreciation of life and respect for all.

Robert Villari
Current Home Town: Oak Park, IL
Occupation: Sales Manager Panasonic of North Am.   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:
Proud of my family , and still never more than a mile away from the rest of the Villari's.
Life is Good.

Raymond Vlcek
Current Home Town: Milwaukee, WI
Occupation: Theater Director   Marital Status: Single   Children:
Something about Me:
I do have to work on Saturday. Would love to see everyone. Ray

Sheryll Soderdahl Ward Soderdahl
Current Home Town: Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico, TX
Occupation:   Marital Status:   Children:
Something about Me:
My most recent life "change" has been moving to Mexico this year. It is so beautiful, the weather is "perfect" and the people are kind, friendly and helpful. The extensive expat population offers a great variety of activities and volunteer opportunities. I look forward to seeing old friends (I use "old' with the kindest intentions) and learning where you are and what you have been up to. I really enjoyed our 25th Reunion and hope that even more of you will be there!

Joy Warfield Warfield
Current Home Town: Brookfield, WI
Occupation: Retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

cheryl thomas wersland
Current Home Town: LakeMills, Wi
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Married   Children: 3
Something about Me:

Susan Vyhnalek West
Current Home Town: Greensboro, NC
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Married   Children:
Something about Me:
My first major job with Sabena Airlines gave me a taste for travel and opened up a big beautiful world. Part two and a finished degree took me back to Riverside and a teaching position at St. Mary's. Part three and a sold business moved us to North Carolina and a shift back to the travel industry for me.....once in the blood. In my wildest RB high school dreams I never thought I would fly with live chickens from Nairobi to Mombasa or survive a jungle plane crash in Mexico. Life has been exciting and Mike and I feel very lucky to have had so many wonderful travel adventures.....never in my wildest RB dreams.......... Happy Trails.

George Wilson
Current Home Town: Park Ridge, IL
Occupation: Software Engineer   Marital Status: Married   Children: 2
Something about Me:

Noreen Hetman Wright
Current Home Town: Batavia, OH
Occupation: retired   Marital Status: Divorced   Children: 3
Something about Me:

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